IQ City Institute of Nursing Sciences hosts their 8th ‘LAMP LIGHTING CEREMONY at Srijani Auditorium, Durgapur. The ‘LAMP LIGHTING CEREMONY’ is in the honour to the anniversary of Florence Nightingale’s birthday done by nurses to society around the world. Considering the importance of this day, Lamp lighting is a ceremonial occasion to initiate the nursing students into their future professional life and the vows which the students pledge to fulfill reflect values required for the Nursing and the spirit of dedicated service. By this ceremony our institute takes an attempt to guide the students in choosing the appropriate values that will make them dedicated and efficient members and a health team comprising members of the inter-dependent health professional
The inauguration of the 8th LAMP LIGHTING CEREMONY was done by Dr. Jill B Derstine- Associate Professor Drexel University Philadelphia USA , Mr. Sandra Friedman-Assistant Clinical Professor Drexel University Philadelphia USA, Dr. Marylou McHugh-Clinical Professor Drexel University Philadelphia USA, Dr. Jeyadeepa R-Principal IQINS, Sri Sanjoy Jhunjhunwala- President IQ City Foundation, Dr. Brigd. Goutam Ghosh- Principal IQ City Medical College & Hospital, Dr. Subramanya N.K- Vice Principal IQ City Medical College & Hospital Medical College, Mrs. Suparna Sengupta – CEO IQ City Medical College & Hospital Medical College along with faculty members & students of IQINS.
Today 119 numbers of nursing students from B.Sc Nursing and GNM Nursing courses took their vows for tending the sick and ailing, maintaining and promoting health of the people, irrespective of cast, creed, and religion community guide the nursing students to choose the appropriate service for the mankind that they need to offer.
Sri Sanjoy Jhunjhunwala- President IQ City Foundation said “Nurses play an essential role in society today by being advocates for health promotion, educating the public and patients on preventing injury and illnesses, participating in rehabilitation, and providing care and support. Many regard Florence Nightingale as the modern nursing founder who rejected the societal expectations for middle-class women and pursued a nursing career. Her gritty determination and passion are characteristics that many midwives and nurses identify with today especially with the demands faced due to COVID-19 and other medical issues seen in communities.”
Dr. Jeyadeepa R. – Principal IQ City Institute of Nursing Sciences said “The tenfold vows taken by the students in this ceremony guides her to be determined to perform her duties properly by attaining the qualities like courage, forgiveness forbearance by the grace of Supreme Being who is the innermost Self of beings.”

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