When I dreamed of IQ City I had a vision. Of a healthy India. A nation where medical and related support would be of global standards and abundantly available to the people at large.We started IQ City Knowledge & Health Campus, to be able to impart medical knowledge, train and create young medical professionals, hungry to serve their people and country, and in turn, build a healthier, happier confident tomorrow.

With that dream in mind, we set up IQ City Knowledge & Health Campus with a state-of-the-art facilities and an expansive infrastructure. That encourages micro and macro development with hands-on real life exposure to health problems and treatments with compassion and empathy.

We are very proud of our alumni, who, after they stepped out, are setting a wonderful example of commitment to the profession and service to the country. I hope that our current students and batches that come in will improve on the performance of their predecessors and create an even more healthy environment for man-kind to live in.

Sanjay Jhunjhunwala


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