The institution also has constituted various committees with student’s representation on each committee (Student Welfare, Sports, Editorial, Health, Cultural, Library, Mess, Curriculum).Groups of committee are monitored by respective faculties.
Health checkup is important for the student to maintain their health. It is a part of overall development & it helps to increase efficiency in the work. So we conduct monthly health checkup for all students.


To provide timely preventive, promotive, curative & rehabilitative health services to all the students.


  • Go through health check up.
  • Know about available health facilities.
  • Get immediate medical & nursing assistance.
  • To maintain health records.
  • To conduct timely meetings.
  • Encourage the students to maintain healthy life style and healthy environment.
  • Helping the students to update their health record.
  • Maintenance and updating of health record.
  • Caring of students those who fell sick.


Important role in promoting the health of the students

  • Maintain year wise health register.
  • Maintain Vaccination Register.
  • Maintain sick register
  • OPD checkup for sick students.

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