Dear All,

Warm Greetings  !

Nursing is a profession. A blend of human values , academics, skills, attitude with a creative and research oriented mind is required to become a member of this profession . During the course of learning we need to develop ourselves to have such characteristics in us.

With the development of Medical science and technology Nursing science is also developing very fast.. Researches by Nurses are generating plenty of data to establish evidence based Nursing practice. To keep pace with this we, all the Nurses, must train our mind to be a life – long learner.

As Nurse Educator, our role is to facilitate the environment which challenges the learners to effectively use their mental abilities to be able to critical thinker, who will be able to identify , and understand the problems clearly , Communicate with clarity and finds solutions for the problems professionally  in the real situation.

 It was our dream to make the Institution, I Q City Nursing College , renamed as IQ City Institute of Nursing Sciences as a center of excellence to serve to the entire country .But excellence does not come by chance .There has to be sincere efforts ,intelligent direction and skillful execution to bring excellence.

I was blessed and honoured to be entrusted with the responsibility of Principal to start the Institution .

I convey my gratitude and regards to all concerned who helped me to shoulder the responsibility .

All the good wishes to the Students, Faculty , staff members and  all concerned .

With warm Regards

Professor Dipti Bhattacharya

Former Principal

IQ City Institute of Nursing Sciences


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