Curriculum committee ensures the implementation of prescribed curriculum as per INC, WBNC and WBUHS.


Curriculum committee also provides guidance & oversight to ensure that all curriculums are sound, comprehensive & responsive to evolving needs of the nursing students & their academic & overall development.


  • Developing and renewing the college curriculum and assessing its quality and effectiveness to the highest of professional standards
  • Plan, implement and evaluate nursing curriculum in institutional level.
  • Systematically evaluate the professional educational requirements for the curriculum.
  • Implement regular on-going formal evaluation of the curriculum as specified in the College of Nursing evaluation plan.
  • Review and approve requests for adding, deleting and or modifying individual nursing curriculum activities.


  • Enhance knowledge, skill, and attitude among students and faculties
  • Facilitate the teaching – learning process
  • Maintain the standardized evaluation
  • Identify and implement Innovative practices.
  • Assist students to develop academic excellence.
  • Identify the needs and expectations of the students
  • Organize training/workshops/seminars for students.

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