Clinical Facilities

(A) Hospital (Parental / Affiliated)

IQ City Medical College & Multispecialty hospital is a leading private Multi Speciality Hospital with 1200 beds.

(B) Community – Health Nursing – Clinical Practice

College of Nursing students are given opportunity to participate in Immunization programmes, School health programmes, MCH programmes, Home visit, Street play, puppet show, role play, projects, health talk, mass health programmes, Nutritional assessment and cooking demonstration are carried out in both rural and urban health centres of our own and Government.

(C) Affiliated Hospital

Students are also given permission to practice clinical skill in Durgapur SD Govt Hospital , Burdwan Medical College hospital, Government Hospital, Asansol District Hospital and Lalbag SD Hospital, Bankura Medical College Hospital,

(D) Health Centres

Government centers like Laudoha BPHC, Pursa BPHC and Our Own health centres are also available for students to promote their community services in wide range by adopted villages such as Kantaberia, Jemua, MAMC Township, Kalabagan etc.,

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