Admission committee deals with defining admission policies, routines and methods. It follows the guidelines set by Government of West Bengal for the admission of B.Sc Nursing course


Assist the Principal in making provisional admissions and University registration of students to B.Scprogramme according to the guidelines.


  • Smooth conduction of the admission procedure
  • Do the University registration process as informed by the WBUHS.


  • To strengthen the admission process
  • To facilitate guidance and counselling procedures pertaining to admission in the university
  • To guide the admission team and oversee the counselling process
  • To help solve the queries of parents and students interested in taking admission to B.Sc nursing courses in our institute
  • To maintain a liaison between the college and central selection committee of the WBUHS
  • To create and update a database regarding admission of B.Sc nursing in WBUHS.
  • The admissions committee keeps the success of the admissions process each year by maintaining a database of pertinent information on the applicants.

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