Nursing Foundation Laboratory

Nursing Foundation lab is situated in the first floor of our college and it enables the student nurses to gain adequate knowledge regarding basic procedures through which the firm foundations of the fundamentals of nursing subject will be laid down. To nourish the skills of our students, this spacious lab is well fitted with manikins and essential resources which enable the students to learn and practice the preliminary procedures for patient care.

Community Health Nursing Laboratory

Community Health nursing lab is a facility which provides both the mimic of rural or urban setting. It designed as a model home environment that allows nursing students to practice their community health procedures in a life like scenario. It has all the necessary measures, equipment, audio-visual aids that will thereby help our students to practice and demonstrate practical skill as like in community setting.

Pre-clinical Science Laboratory

Pre-Clinical lab is designed with excellent infrastructure, equipped with various specimens, models, slides and charts. This facility provides the students comprehensive knowledge of microbiology, anatomy, physiology and biochemistry. Therefore, the students can have more understanding related to the structure and physiological process of various organs and systems of the human body and helps learners in developing deeper knowledge and skills which will help them applying it on clinical practice.

Computer Lab

Air conditioned computer lab is available in the ground floor and it is well suited and designed with latest computers and software enabling the students to match the pace of the world around them.

Nutrition Laboratory

Nutrition lab facilitates learning by providing the students with the settings of cooking area, models, equipment and supplies necessary to develop skills regarding nutritious diet for a patient. Nutrition lab with all modern amenities for teaching therapeutic diet for the patients and exhibits varieties of charts and models related to nutrition. Students get adequate exposure in nutritional aspects through various demonstrations of therapeutic diet etc.,

Advance Skill Lab

The advance skill lab aims at teaching and training students the essential advance nursing skills to provide overarching care for adult patients suffering from variety of illness. It prepares nursing students to the highest standards of nursing care. This lab also provides hands on training specific to course objective as directed by the curriculum.


We have MCH lab, which is well equipped and furnished with essential materials such as manikins of new born baby, Mother, pelvic bone, Skull bone and models like stages of embryo development, stages of labour, Various instruments etc., which helps the students to learn more lively and motivate them to involve in demonstration of various procedures and it helps them in real setting.

Paediatric Lab

Paediatric lab is well organized with varieties of child manikins like new born babies and wide varieties of models exhibiting disease conditions etc. Which helps the students to demonstrate various procedures such as mummifying, cord care, eye care, and resuscitation of new born etc., and in turn it helps them in handling the babies at real setting.


An Audio Visual Aid Lab is well equipped with extensive audiovisual equipments to assist in the presentation of the classes for the teachers and students which communicate the ideas regarding learning activities to the students in easy manner. This lab is opened for the students with latest equipment of LCD Projector, computer, laptop, TV, OHP, DVD player, Camera, Tape recorder, charts, models, posters and different types of boards which can provide high-tech educational media to support the teaching-learning activities of the students. The audiovisual aids lab is equipped with models, posters and charts prepared by the students.

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