IQ City Institute of Nursing Sciences strongly
emphasizes preventive and promotive health. The college has committed itself to
serve the people through the preparation of its nursing students. Realizing the
need of community people various programmes has been designed and implemented
in both urban and rural areas of adopted areas. Nearly the department is
serving more than 14 villages all around Durgapur. The types of services
provided are Home Care Services, Clinic Services (Urban Health Centre &
Rural Health Centre), Health Promotional Activities, School Health Programmes,
Special Camps and Community Organization Activities.




The scope of practice for a community health
nurse includes community-building, health promotion, and policy reforms that
promote the health of a population. Because they have such a broad scope of
work, the responsibilities of a community health nurse vary depending on where
they work and the needs of their community. Some community health nurses
provide standard medical care such as immunizations, screenings or medication,
while they may also work on developing and implementing educational programs,
research around social and environmental determinants of health outcomes, and




What exactly does a community health nurse do?
Simply put, they aim to improve the health of community members. They do this
in many ways, including through:

  • Medical treatment
  • Rehabilitation
  • Health education
  • Advocacy
  • Research
  • Collaboration with other healthcare workers and with government


Community health nurses work in schools, colleges,
health centres and government agencies. They focus on vulnerable populations,
including low-income families, people living in rural areas, immigrants, and
individuals with disabilities.  The relationship between community health
nurses and their patients is egalitarian, meaning they share the responsibility
of the patient’s health outcome. 

The responsibilities of these nurses differ in each
career path, but all community health nurses promote healthy living, disease
prevention, and necessary medical treatment. Additionally, community health
nurses create programs that promote community health and collect data to
identify community needs. Careers can be pursued in public health, faith
community nursing, and school nursing. 



  • To promote the health of the communities through direct and indirect services for all age groups.
  • To prepare various categories of nursing students to handle health needs of community.
  • To acquire clinical competencies and function at different levels in the community health programmes and to promote community development.


  • The Ultimate aim of the department is to provide an comprehensive felt need health services at the door step of the general public.


  • The nursing students are posted along with the faculty members for Home visits, clinics and special programmes in order to gain experience in Community Health Nursing and also to complete the clinical requirements and to learn about Urban and Rural Health services.
  • Community surveys, Community Based Education, Family Centred Nursing Care studies, Health Education cum action projects, health talks are used for nursing students to learn Community Health Nursing.
  • Students participate in the Immunization Programme, VHN days and Health Camps along with the Government health personnel in adopted villages.
  • Mass health Education Programmes are organized in every village to create health awareness and health promotional activities are carried out regularly along with ASHA’s &Anganwadi workers.
  • Health Camps and Health Exhibitions are conducted regularly in the adopted areas and referral services were made available to them.
  • International days of importance are celebrated by conducting and organizing health education programmes and health camps.
  • Periodical School health programmes were organized by the students in all adopted village Schools.

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