Department of Nursing Foundation


The department of Nursing Foundation is
considered as one of the basic and most important departments of undergraduate
and diploma nursing students to develop clinical skills. Comprehensive nursing
cares to the patients are practiced here before they are exposed to real
hospital situations. Clinical services provided including basic nursing care to
patients in different settings such as medical, surgical, Orthopaedics,
Laboratory & Injection room are taught here.



To be the Comprehensive centre
of excellence nurses within the best standards of nursing education by
delivering compassionate patient care in different areas.



To prepare competent nurses who
are providing efficient and safe nursing care to meet the health care need of
the society.



1. To impart quality education
to the students in the field Fundamental of Nursing.

2. To Develop and update the
teaching methods within the Department in order to exceed standards of teaching.

3. To maintain standards of
behaviour expected of a Practical Nursing Student in the hospital

4. The actual part is attained
if the students have imaginary set up of a fundamental lab.

5. The teacher demonstrates the
procedure of an environment in the hospital set up.

6. The new students get direct
experience to prepare themselves for hospital events.



  1. Practicing nursing process in clinical.
  2. Mastering in health assessment and monitoring
    of patients.
  3. Capability in carrying out basic nursing care
  4. Expertise in caring for patients with
    alterations in body functions.
  5. Competency in applying steps of nursing
    process in the care of clients in the hospital and community.
  6. Proficiency in applying scientific principles
    while performing nursing care.
  7. Efficient in documentation.
  8. Capable in meeting basic psychosocial needs of
    the clients.
  9. Knowledge on principles and techniques of
    infection control.
  10. Confidence and competence in caring of
    terminally ill patient.


The nursing foundation experience in undergraduate course enables the student to acquire knowledge with application of scientific principles, develop an attitude that involves integration of ethics and professionalism in carrying out nursing procedures in ideal situations promoting competency for safe and efficient patient care.


  • To ensure that the students acquire excellent theoretical knowledge and skills on principles and practice of nursing with emphasis on delivery of comprehensive nursing care by using nursing process.
  • To enable the students to gain adequate knowledge regarding basic procedures relevant to the basic nursing care
  • Provide hands-on training to the students.
  • Participates as a member of health team in preventive, promotive, curative and rehabilitative services in the health care delivery system.
  • To develop effective professional communication skills and maintain good interpersonal relationship with patients, family members and other health team workers.

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