The Hostel and Mess Committee (HMC) at IQ city Institute of Nursing Sciences, is a student-run body which constitutes of members from both Bsc(n) and GNM I Yr to IV year students of the institute. It is responsible for managing the food and hostel infrastructure. We believe that our Institution should be a ‘Home away from Home’ for all students and thus strive to improve various aspects related to food hostel issues are resolved at the earliest. Owing to a wide range of people, the menu is prepared such that the cuisine preferences of all students are satisfied.


  • To provide clean, safe and comfortable accommodation effectively and efficiently to the students.
  • Devote adequate time to their studies and research.
  • Learn to live together and strengthen their relations with mutual co operation and goodwill as they come from different part of the country.
  • Utilize different facilities available to them.
  • Participate in different co curricular activities and extracurricular activities
  • Enjoy good quality food that keeps them fit and healthy.
  • Maintain conductive atmosphere for study and interchange of thoughts and ideas.


  • The hostel committee shall report to the higher authority regarding the effective functioning of Hostel
  • The hostel committee shall take active interest in general welfare of the students residing in the hostel and assist the Wardens in maintaining the living standards.
  • The hostel committee shall assist the Wardens in the timely allotment of the rooms, report any unauthorised use or misuse of hostel or guest rooms and bring to notice any untoward incidence occurring in the Hostel premises.
  • The hostel committee shall supervise and ensure proper and limited use of electricity and water in the hostel premises.
  • Hostel committee ensures the discipline in the hostel.

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