Pongal 2024

Pongal, the vibrant and traditional harvest festival, was joyously celebrated at IQ City Institute of Nursing Sciences on January 16, 2024. The campus was adorned with colorful decorations, reflecting the festive spirit that permeated the air. Students and faculty came together to mark this auspicious occasion with enthusiasm and camaraderie. The festivities commenced with a traditional Pongal pot boiling ceremony, where students gathered around to participate in the ritual, symbolizing abundance and prosperity. The aroma of freshly prepared Pongal, a delicious South Indian dish made with newly harvested rice, lentils, and jaggery, wafted through the air, enticing everyone to join in the feast. The celebration not only highlighted the importance of agriculture and harvest but also fostered a sense of community and togetherness among the students and staff of IQ City Institute of Nursing Sciences.

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